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Posted on 14.09.18 in Univerze

Prva številka znanstvene revije Annales

Prva številka znanstvene revije Annales

Prva številka znanstvene revije Annales, Series Historia et Sociologia, Anali za istrske in mediteranske študije, ponuja  kot osrednjo študijo avtorja doc. dr. Primoža Šterbenca temeljito analizo vojne v Siriji. Dr. Šterbenc politolog in sociolog, ki predava na Fakulteti za management Univerze na Primorskem, je eden naših največjih poznavalcev islamskega sveta.  Pri svojem raziskovanju se osredotoča na islam; politično, religijsko in znanstveno-filozofsko-teološko zgodovino muslimanskega sveta, proučuje  religijsko-politične odnose v muslimanskem svetu pa tudi politično varnostna dogajanja na Bližnjem vzhodu. Analizira odnose med Zahodom in muslimanskim svetom,  politiko EU do Bližnjega vzhoda, pa tudi  geopolitični in varnostni položaj v Evraziji in Afriki.


The aim of the article is to explain backgrounds of the current destructive war in Syria. More specifi cally, the article tries to provide answers to two interrelated questions. First, why the protests and the war erupted? And second, why the war has been so protracted? In order to do that, the article analyses political, economic, and religious (sectarian) aspects of situation in Syria since the late Ottoman period, with emphasis on the rule of the  Baath party. During the rule of Hafi z al-Assad Syria was stable country due to generous socio-economic policies of the regime, although limited latent sectarian tensions existed. Situation unravelled during the rule of Bashar al-Assad as his regime implemented neo-liberal measures which alienated traditional supporting bases of the Baath party and intensified tensions between the Sunnis and the Alawites. Consequently, during the »Arab spring« protests erupted. The regime responded with repression and incitement to sectarian violence, which led to militarization of the uprising. One needs to take into account the consequences of the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 since this had caused fierce struggle between Sunni and Shia regional players (Iran and Saudi Arabia) which eventually turned Syria into the battleground and provoked protracted war.


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