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Posted on 11.10.23 in Inštituti

Preglov kolokvij na Kemijskem inštitutu: dr. Robert Liska

Preglov kolokvij na Kemijskem inštitutu: dr. Robert Liska

Kemijski inštitut pripravlja v četrtek, 12. oktobra ob 13.00 predavanje prof. dr. Roberta Liska,  vodje raziskovalne skupine Fotopolimerizacija Inštituta za uporabno sintezno kemijo, TU Wien, Austria z naslovomAdvanced Applications of Photopolymerization:From Frontal Polymerization to new Monomers for 3D Printing

UV curing of photopolymerizable formulations based on the (meth)acrylate chemistry has been used for more than a half century for protective and decorative coatings of paper, wood, metals or plastics. In the last decade, there has been a strong demand for the curing of thicker layers or even to print arbitrarily shaped 3D cellular structures out of these materials. Additive Manufacturing Technologies especially for biomaterials are such advanced applications, whereas Multiphoton Polymerization allows resolution in the sub micrometer range. Hot Lithography is the most recent technological trend allows the ionic and catalytic photopolymerization of a set of entirely new monomers in the field of 3D printing. Finally, frontal polymerization is a time and energy efficient polymerization method to cure epoxy based composite materials.

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